Stockist Requirements

List on the ChillMate Where to Buy Map

To have your business listed on the ChillMate Where to Buy Map you must meet the following requirements.

  • You are a trading business with a retail shop or online shop.

  • You have placed your first order and received your order of ChillMate products.

  •  If you are a current ChillMate retailer but have not held stock for more than 6 months you can not list on this site.  If you are listed your listing will be disabled.



  1. You must have a high-quality-looking image. 
    Image size: Width: 1040 pixels Height: 584 pixels and format PNG or JPG Only with a maximum of 4MB per file. can help make your files smaller for faster loading.

  2. Business Name: (this must be the name you trade as)

  3. Street Address:   Option: show street number or do not show street number.

  4. City / Suburb:

  5. Postal code:

  6. Country:

  7. Website Name:

  8. Website Link:  (This is the link to the page showing ChillMate Products on your website, if you do not have a website go to and set up a free listing page. )  

  9. Phone number, including your country code.

  10. WhatsAPP:  (Optional)

  11. Email Address:  Options:  do not list, or List

  12. Your open hours:

  13. A small description:

  14. Your business location using Latitude (-xx.xxxxxxx) and Longitude (xxx.xxxxxxxx) format.

  15. Geofence Radius:  (Optional)  eg. 50km